jobs : Job supplyments

This plugin is used to manage suppliable jobs offered by the PCSW to its clients in collaboration with job providers or external employers.

The different types of job supplyments are implemented by separate plugins:

A job provider is an organisation where the work will be executed. They are not necessarily also the employer. It may be either some public service or a private company.

In most cases, the PSWC acts as the legal employer. It can employ the person in its own services (internal contracts) or put him or her at the disposal of a third party employer (external contracts). (Adapted from


suppliable job

A position where a person exercises a specified function at a given job provider or employer.

Database model: jobs.Job.

job provider

(French Service utilisateur, German Stellenabieter)

The legal person that supplies the job in case of an article 60 job supplyment (where the PCSW acts as employer).

The job provider doesn’t pay the salary but is responsible for supervision.

Database model: jobs.JobProvider.


(French Employeur, German Arbeitgeber)

A legal person that pays the salary.

Database model: jobs.Employer.

job supplyment

(French Mise à l’emploi, German Art-60§7-Konvention).

An integration contract where the PCSW arranges a job for a client, with the aim to bring this person back into the social security system and the employment process.

Database model: jobs.Contract or art60.Contract or art61.Contract

social economy project

Organisation bénéficiant de l’agrément « Initiative d’économie sociale » octroyé par la Wallonie.

Cet agrément vise à soutenir la mise en place de projets à finalité sociale et l’insertion socioprofessionnelle de travailleurs peu qualifiés par le biais d’une activité économique.

A social economy project is marked by the checkbox JobProvider.is_social or Employer.is_social.