Manual testing suites

General checks

  • Does autorefresh work? After clicking the button once, Lino starts to send an AJAX request every minute. Note #2742.

  • Open your user preferences. change your language. Verify that the user interface language changes. Switch back to your preferred language.


  • Read a Belgian eid card. Let Lino create the client. Manually modify the birth date of the client. Re-read the id card. Lino asks to update. Say No. Check that the birth date has remained at the manual value. Re-read the id card. Now say Yes. Delete the client.

Clients and contracts

Select Contacts –> Clients. Click insert to create a new client “Tom Tester” Click Manage addresses. Add an address in a new city (e.g. “Tomtown”). Lino should automatically create the city and send an email to Django admins.

Add some data for the new client the detail view:

  • language knowledge

  • Career tab

  • Create an aid granting

  • create several contracts and print them (to pdf) :

    • one “PIIS”

    • one Job supplyment (“Art. 60§7”)

Organizations and course providers

  • Create a new organization

  • Convert it into a course provider

  • Create a course

  • add Tom Tester as a candidate to that course



Debt mediation