debts : Debts mediation (Schuldnerberatung, Médiation de dettes)

The lino_welfare.modlib.debts plugin adds functionality for doing debts mediation. It lets social consultants create debts mediation budgets for their clients.

debts mediation budget

A document that describes the financial situation of a person or household at a given moment. It holds financial information like monthly incomes and expenses, and debts.

Stored using the Budget database model.

When relevant input data has been filled into the budget, Lino displays miscellaneous reports based on the entered data. The user can print out a document that serves as base for the consultation and discussion with debtors.


Q: En tant que conseiller dettes je commence à remplir, avec le client, les données d’un budget. Le client n’a pas toutes les informations nécessaires avec lui. Comment puis-je lui imprimer une version spéciale du budget, destinée à être utilisée pour remplir manuellement sur papier les chiffres manquants pour les encoder la prochaine fois?

A: Activer le champ Budget.print_empty_rows

The actors of a budget

A budget can have multiple “actors”

budget actor

A person that is part of the household for which the budget is being established, and who contributes to the budget.

When entering data for the budget, you can specify every expense or income for each actor separately.