This is the change log 2019 for Lino Welfare. You should also consult also the change log for Developer Guide. General information about how to read and maintain this document in Documenting changes.


Released welfare and weleup 19.12.0 to PyPI.


Fixed two bugs that caused server tracebacks in rare cases:


More changes in lino_welfare.modlib.cbss. The RetrieveTIGroups now works for the first time after their passing from v1 to v2! (The long delay is mostly due to administrative obstacles.)


Released Welfare 19.9.1 and weleup 19.9.1. Site upgrade on the weleup preview site.


Released Welfare 19.9.0 and weleup 19.9.0.


New field lino_xl.lib.cv.LanguageKnowledge.has_certificate is a side effect of a change in Avanti which might be useful for Welfare as well.


  • (#2968): Remove cal.MyOverdueAppointments from dashboard.


Fixed #2946 Wrong age display (leap year bug)

2019-03-26 (v19.3.0)

Moved Lino Welfare out of Developer Guide. Created a new repository The Eupen variant of Lino Welfare and moved man/welfare_de to weleup/dedocs. The welfare repo is now a library repo, similar to xl. It contains demo projects, specs and api for both weleup and welcht (it makes no sense to explain welfare without also explaining weleup and welcht, and it makes no sense to write technical docs about weleup without also explaining general welfare plugins). The doctrees of welcht or weleup just contain a short description, installation instructions and links to the real docs.

Fixed a bug (#2917) in lino_welfare.modlib.households.RefundsByPerson. This table considered children as adult only one year after the age specified in lino_xl.lib.households.Plugin.adult_age. Added a test case to cover this: Melba getting adult.

Released version 19.3.0



  • French translation of “Excluded from” is now “Du” (no longer “Exclus depuis”)


Moved the chatelet part from the lino_welfare package into a new package lino_welcht. User code on production sites must replace lino_welfare.chatelet by lino_welcht. We plan to do the same operation for weleup soon.

Released version 19.2.0

(#2851) Remove the filter added 2019-02-27 on pcsw.PersonGroup so the choicelists show only the activated groups. This filter was asked by Chatelet.

(#2850) add a filter on pcsw.PersonGroup so the choicelists show only the activated groups.


(#2853) Missing dependency in ‘six’ in welfare. The setup_info.py may of course not import any module which is installed only during setup.py.

(#2851) Added a filter on pcsw.PersonGroup so the choicelists show only the activated groups

(#2851) Removed study_type from column_names of ContractsByClient, removed job_search from the main of pcsw.ClientDetail, moved ‘is_seeking unemployed_since seeking_since’ from history_left to history_right of the main of pcsw.ClientDetail.