End user tests

General checks

  • Play around

  • Can I read a Belgian eid card?

  • Does autorefresh work?

Clients and contracts

Select Contacts –> Clients. Click + to create a new client (e.g. “Tom Tester”) Click Manage addresses. Add an address in a new city (e.g. “Tomtown”). Lino should automatically create the city and send an email to Django admins.

Add some data for the new client the detail view:

  • language knowledge

  • career tab

  • create several contracts and print them (to pdf) :

    • one “PIIS”

    • one “Mise à l’emploi art60§7”

  • Create an aid granting

Organizations and course providers

  • Create a new organization

  • Convert it into a course provider

  • Create a course

  • add Tom Tester as a candidate to that course