Version 1.0.3

Bugfix release. Läuft in Eupen seit dem 21.11.2012.


  • Diverse Warnungen im Stil „L’action jobs.ContractsByPerson.do_print a échoué pour Contrat de travail „Contrat de travail#12 (Bernd BRECHT)“: ‚module‘ object has no attribute ‚Warning‘.“ kamen nie beim Benutzer an.

  • Setting a column filter on a date column caused a server traceback.

  • Clicking the „Home“ button (the one of Lino’s main menu) when at least one window was opened caused the viewport’s loadmask to show up forever.

  • Lino didn’t work in Internet Explorer. It said „Invalid procedure call or argument“.

  • The message „Failed to delete %(record)s : %(error)s.“ never reached the user, they saw only „‚dict‘ object has no attribute ‚has_header‘“.

Database change:

  • Remove the ‚Country.nationalities‘ field because that idea was utopic anyway.


  • Setting a column filter for a normal date column now works… but Lino also allows setting a filter on a virtual field. Which then causes another traceback „FieldError at /api/pcsw/IntegClients / Cannot resolve keyword ‚applies_from‘ into field.“

  • Inform about active column filters when building the title of table (using title tags).